“If you want to travel to the USA, here you will find all the required information whether it is for studies or work. I’ve personally gone through this and that’s why I am sharing my experience and recommendations with you, so that you succeed in the land of opportunity.”

Working in the USA

trabajar en usa

The American dream has been present for many years in the collective imaginary. USA has become the land of opportunity for tens of thousands of people who cross their frontiers annually to pursue new chances. Everything you need to know before travelling to the USA so that you can have the best experience.

Studying in the USA

estudiar en usa

Studying in the USA is one of the main dreams for many students. Despite existing a great quantity of Universities which offer grants for international students, the access tests tend to be very demanding.
Acquiring the language is one of the key requirements, and most of the times it is necessary to pass the TOEFL test with a specific grade.



Find the best accommodation according to your needs. University campus, students’ apartments or shared housing are some of the main options for the newcomers. Here you can learn all the available information and the different options to find accommodation in the USA in an efficient way.

” Neither your home country, your age nor your occupation matter.
The only requirement is your willingness to travel and experience an adventure in the USA.”

Everything about the TOEFL and GRE tests

The TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test that measures a person’s capacity to understand and use the English language in a University environment. This test is taken into account by more than 9,000 universities in over 130 countries when it comes to choosing their international students.

The GRE test (Graduate Record Examinations Program), managed by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) is an English level test required by a great quantity of American universities and business schools to access their postgraduate studies.

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