Accommodation in the USA

Accommodation for students in the USA

Most universities in the USA have a campus where international students can live. If you have been accepted by a specific university, you can obtain any kind of information regarding prices, options and characteristics of the type of housing they offer through their support services. Besides, every university campus normally has an active service of advertising, where students themselves offer rooms or shared accommodations. I recommend you to find the right information about the possibilities of acquiring a temporary room until you find your final residence before you leave to the United States.

Main housing options for students in the United States

Here I will show you the main accommodation options that you can find in the USA:

  • University residence

    Most universities in the USA have at least one building to accommodate their students. It is also common to find off-campus housing. This type of university residence tends to be an option chosen by many students, since it often has an economical advantage and it offers the convenience of living in an environment developed for students, while providing the necessary independence.

  • Colleges with acommodation

    Some colleges offering courses that last two years offer full accommodation for their students. In this case, services like cleaning, dining room and sport facilities are covered by the college. Therefore, the main benefit of this accommodation is the quantity of services provided to the student. Most students who apply for this option normally share their rooms.

Off-campus accommodation in the USA

Although on-campus housing tends to be more comfortable for the student’s life, many young people prefer to live outside the University facilities. This way they will learn about the lifestyle of the city where they live in a more authentic and independent way. If you choose this type of accommodation, it will be difficult for you to manage it online, so you will probably have to wait to formalize the rent once you arrive in the city of destination. You can manage the whole renting process yourself independently, or you can also attend the student support university offices to ask for help.

Independent accommodation options for students in the USA

If you prefer to find housing independently, you can do it the following way:

  • Housing rent

    Renting a house in a central zone is one of the most attractive options for every student who wants to live independently from university. One of the main disadvantages of this option is the high price of the apartments near the campus. If you want to spend less money, you will have to live in a further area, that’s why I recommend you to check the different combinations with the means of transport available.

  • Shared accommodation

    This is a good option if you have limited resources. In this case, the house is shared by two or more students to face reduced monthly expenses, thus sharing the common areas of the house and enjoying independent rooms. The housing cost will depend on the area in the USA you stay, as well as on the location of the house in the city.

  • Homestays

    This type of accommodation is about living with an American family, which is often offered by the universities themselves too. It is a good way to experience the actual culture of the country while practicing and developing your English language level. If you want to finalize your preparation for the TOEFL test, this can be a very good option, since you will be practicing English continuously. The families that are part of homestays projects are chosen and supervised by the universities themselves. The cost of this accommodation is similar to the price of a private room.

Practical recommendations to choose your accommodation

  • Find a house near the University. This way you will save expenses and time while travelling.
  • Walk about the district during the first days to find the main services you may need: bus or train stops, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.
  • If you sign a renting agreement, check it carefully so that you know the exact quantity of the deposit that you will give and receive, as well as other details like the furniture and electrical appliances included, potential forfeits, etc. If you don’t understand the legal terms, you can look for help at university.
  • Don’t accept the first option you find. Visit other apartments or residences and choose your favorite one.