examen gre

The GRE test is a general evaluation that will analyze your grade of critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal thinking, reasoning and quantitative skills. Each of them are skills that you may have developed throughout many years. The purpose of each GRE exam is to help postgraduate schools to decide whether you have the appropriate qualities to be part of their program. It is a basic test (the questions have a level similar to baccalaureate), the lack of time will be the main challenge you must face.

GRE test: General description

The GRE exam is divided into three main sections. The analytical writing will always be the first one. The other two sections are the verbal and the quantitative parts, which may appear in any order.

  • Analytical test: This part of the test will be evaluated between 130 and 170 points. The test has 30 questions that must be answered in half an hour. The student will have to analyze, synthetize and evaluate texts during this phase.
  • Quantitative test: This section will be evaluated between 130 and 170 points. The test has 28 questions which must be answered in 45 minutes. It is about mathematics and calculation, and the topics are asthmatics, geometry, data analysis and algebra.
  • Analytics: The result of this section will be evaluated between 0 and 6. The student will have to write two essays in 1 hour and 15 minutes. The student’s capacity to understand structured concepts, identify different hypothetical reasoning and apply logical solutions will be evaluated.

The questions on the GRE test are the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) format. This way, the answer of each question appearing on the screen helps to define the difficulty level of the next one. The first question introduces an average difficulty and, depending on whether the answer is direct or indirect, the next question will have more or less difficulty. The final grade is established through a calculation according to the number of successes and errors.

How to prepare for the GRE test

You can find free resources on the official ETS site to prepare for the test. You will be able to access the Powerprep Software, where there are examples of the test so that you can practice. If you decide to register for the exam, you will also receive a hard copy of the program in your home address.

What is the grade required to access the studies?

This test does not have a specific grade determining whether you pass or fail, it is the universities themselves that demand the type of results according to their prestige and selection criteria. I recommend you to contact the educational centers of your interest to learn about their requirements. If you can’t find a minimum grade, I suggest you to look for the average grade from the previous year.

Grade validity

The grade of the exam will be valid for five years. The results you achieve during this time will be sent to the different universities of your choice.