Why is the USA the best option?


trabajar-eeuuThe United States of America is a country that has always been rooted with immigration, thus forming a unique multicultural society. This fact reinforces their willingness to organize and welcome international workers and students.

Every year, the land of opportunities receives thousands of new workers who want to reach the experience that is known as “the American dream”. We must bear in mind that, in general, there are two types of people who travel to the USA looking for a job. On the one hand, there are those who do it temporally (no migrants) by entering the country with a specific and limited professional objective. These people must stick to developing the activity for which they have been allowed to enter the country, and they have to leave it once their visa expires. On the other hand, there are migrant workers, who are those authorized to live and work in the USA permanently.

Latin people are the greatest group of migrant origin in the USA and therefore those who have more influence within the country. This can be of great advantage when it comes to establishing relationships and growing both professionally and personally. The Spanish language has a great presence in most of the states, so even though you must learn and dominate English, you will not feel far away from your roots. Latin and Spanish speaking communities will ease the access to the information you may require at any time.

Another main advantage is the salary, which will be good regardless of your education and position. The minimum monthly salary in the USA is $1257. We must take into account that this is the salary that will be received by the least qualified people. Those who have an intermediate job can double or triple this quantity. However, you must bear in mind the living expenses in the city where you decide to move in.

How to legally emigrate to the USA

There are different ways to emigrate legally to the United States. The law of immigration considers the following:

como entrar en usa

  • Application by a direct relative of the migrant person:: In the case of husband, wife, children under 21 years old or parents of American citizens, the entrance application can be requested directly. This application can be processed by the interested individual in the embassy from his or her country of residence. If the applicant is in the USA and has entered legally, he can also request the application directly in the country. However, there are grades of kinship that may take some waiting time until being accepted. This is the case for single children who are over 21 years old, husband or wife of residents and children under

    the age of 21 years old, children in situation of marriage of American citizens and siblings of American citizens. Residents will not be able to request an application for their parents nor their married children. This is the main way of entrance to the country, since it also requires an easier procedure. The form for this type of request is the I130, it must be handed in immigration and it has a cost of 420 USD.

  • Application for a specialized job: this is the most common case for a worker who enters the country to perform a specific professional activity and he or she does it with a temporary visa. This visa is the H1B, which corresponds to a professional occupation of specialty. This person can finally establish as a resident if he or she is offered a sponsorship through a job offered by a Company. The application of an H1 visa can take some time, since it requires an examination of the worker’s credentials. There is also another type of visa (L1A) that corresponds to executive workers, who may also receive a residence sponsorship. This process must be performed through the form I140, whose cost is 580 USD.

Most requested jobs in the USA

  • Engineering:: The United States of America is a country in continuous development, so every profession related to engineering is on special demand. There are different modalities, but we could confirm that petrochemical engineering is the most requested one. It is a country whose economic level depends on its oil reserves, that’s the reason why qualified professions in this field are very relevant.
  • Computer developer: This profession is requested in several countries worldwide, including the USA, since it promotes the main applications related to computational technology. Companies around Silicon Valley are constantly looking for new specialist workers within the field. However, this is not the only area, because if you are an expert developer, you may find a job in practically any part of the country.
  • Nursing: This is my field of expertise and therefore I know first-hand that applications from qualified nurses are increasing. A study performed by the site CareerBuilder indicates that there are 300,000 nursing vacancies offered every year, and not all of them are covered.
  • Truck drivers: Not every job on demand in the USA is based on University professions. A good example is the high demand of experienced and certified drivers who can deliver any type of load.
  • Translators and interpreters: There is a high rate of international citizens in the USA, so there are many job vacancies available for translators in institutions and global companies.